Weekend already

For my fourth outfit this week, which will also be my last office look since it is now weekend already for me (yay!), I opted for a black A-line skirt from H&M, the turtleneck you’ve already seen here and some classic black boots. All I can say so far about my internship is, that I am having a blast. Amsterdam is amazing, the apartment is really nice and people at work are super nice! It’s so inspiring to work in an environment where you’re right there where all the fabulous design ideas are born and come into life!

skirt: H&M, turtleneck: H&M, necklace: H&M, jacket: Zara, scarf: Asos, boots: Tamaris (here)

Third Time Lucky

So it’s the middle of the week and I am kinda happy about it, because that means we are getting closer to the weekend! Can’t wait! Although my week was really exciting and I couldn’t be more happy about my internship, it’s really unusual for me to work eight hours a day three days in a row. Haha, I guess only a student would say that!

Today my outfit was really laid back, casual and grey. But as I told you, nobody in the office is being dressed too fancy with high heels etc. so I’m not gonna be the exception there. Hope you like it anyways!

jeans: Mango, jacket: Zara, turtleneck: H&M, sweater: 3suisse, necklace: Bijou Brigitte, boots: Pull&Bear: (similar on sale here)


Keeping Promises


I am so proud of myself that I am keeping my promise here on showing you my daily outfits! Although I am terribly tired from a long day at work, which I am sure you can tell from the pictures, I wanted to show you my second office outfit. It’s a rather simple one, but I think the coat really elevates it! What do you think?


coat: Mango (similar here), shirt: Vero Moda, necklace: H&M


When I first heard the term mansplaining I had to smirk a little. What it means is self-explanatory: men explaining the world. To me it sounded like just another word out of a feminist’s vocabulary.

Then I had my first day at my internship. After a little chat I showed my fellow intern (a male) my favorite blog. I was full of enthusiasm because I love her style so much and for me she’s really innovative and stylish. His reaction: He explained to me that she was not a good blogger since her style wasn’t fashion forward at all but just plain normal and good fashion has to always be fashion forward. Mansplaining in it’s fullest.

Well, for me, fashion is a way to express yourself. Whether it is fashion forward or not, everybody should wear what they like, that’s the fun about fashion. I really had no idea what to say to this.

Enough of my little anecdote and on to my outfit ;) As I promised to you I try to post my office outfits on a daily basis this week. I started with a skirt paired with a flowy blouse. To make this outfit not look too formal I went for boots instead of heels. Nobody is wearing them in the office!

skirt: old (similar here & here), boots: Pull&Bear (similar on sale here), blouse: Asos (sold out, similar here)

Quick Update

Hello everybody from rainy Amsterdam! As I told you I will call this city my home for the next three months as I am doing an internship here.

Yesterday I had my first day and I can finally tell you more about it! I am working as a PR intern at dutch fashion brand Avelon. I totally love this brand as their designs are so minimalistic but always with an interesting edge. The fabrics are amazing, the cuts are different from what you would expect and the colors are kept neutral. Total sophistication here.

Next weeks are gonna be really interesting. Press days are coming up and we will have every huge fashion magazine in the house. Speaking of the showroom: It’s pure heaven! I could just try on every piece hanging from the racks, believe me!

I will keep you updated on what’s going on!

Also, for next week I planned on showing you my work-outfits for the whole week, so make sure to check them out! I just hope I won’t be too busy, so don’t be disappointed if I don’t make it ;) I will give my very best to keep my promise!

Wish you all a lovely day!

Flowers in Fall

Today I’m showing you quite a lot of pictures. They were taken a couple of weeks ago when the days still were a little warmer, by my very talented new roomy Anna (whom I had to leave already since I am moving as I told you in my last post). She is only 17 years old but already such a good photographer!

Sometimes I think it’s easier to start such a creative career when you are still very young as you are less frightened to try things out even if they sometimes feel awkward. At least, that was my impression when I shot with Anna. She had so many great ideas and even if the outcome wasn’t always perfect, she took so many great pictures and wasn’t shy to tell me what to do which was a relief for me as I sometimes feel a little clumsy when I get photographed…

dress: H&M, boots: old, vest: Only (similar on sale here), necklace: Bijou Brigitte

A perfect day in Fall

I am really really sorry for the radio silence last week guys, but I have a pretty good excuse: I am moving!

After four years of living in Dresden I am finally saying goodbye. Dresden has really treated me well. It’s such a beautiful city. Every time I saw the historic town or visited the “Neustadt” with all its hipster cafés and colored walls I fell in love with it a little more. I felt like there has always been something to discover, some place to go that you haven’t seen before. And of course I made really good friends here. It’s really not easy for me to say goodbye.

However, after every goodbye comes a “hello” and that’s gonna be in….drum roll please…. Amsterdam! I just love this city so much. I visited it 10 years ago or so with my family. It was our first time to see Amsterdam though we have driven past it so many times. I immediately knew: I wanna live here one day. All these tiny, slightly angular houses appeal to me so much. With all the town canals and bikes I feel like there is such a quality of life. And of course there is quite a lot to discover too. I’m a sucker for individual furniture and all that and I already found so many great stores, I can’t wait to move into my own flat. Although that’s not gonna happen that soon. First I’m only gonna be an interim tenant.

The reason why I am going to Amsterdam is that I am going to intern in a fashion company. I’m gonna tell you more about it soon. That’s really exciting! However, with all the excitement the fear of disappointing someone, not being able to come up to the expectation and failing at something is my constant companion. Still, I am very excited for all the experiences I’m gonna make. I just wished I could relax more and enjoy them more…

As for this outfit, I really couldn’t believe that I was able to wear shorts one more time this year. I paired them with my new shoes from Asos and a simple white blouse. Pretty minimalistic, but that’s what I enjoy most in outfits.

shorts: mbym (on sale here), shoes: asos (here), blouse: H&M

Neuer Online Shop für Kleider

Hallo zusammen,

heute gibt es noch einmal einen Post auf Deutsch, denn ich möchte euch einen neuen deutschen Online-Shop vorstellen: www.1dress.de

Ein besonderer Anlass, wie etwa eine Hochzeit, ein Abschlussball oder auch ein schönes Abendessen im Restaurant, bedarf natürlich auch einer ganz besonderen Garderobe. Die Rede ist natürlich von Abendkleidern, Ballkleidern oder auch Cocktailkleidern.

Das richtige Kleid im zur Figur passenden Schnitt und dazu noch in der Lieblingsfarbe zu finden, gestaltet sich häufig als echte Herausforderung. Wer kennt das nicht: Das Kleid sitzt nicht richtig, kommt nicht in der richtigen Farbe oder ist einfach zu teuer.

Bei www.1dress.de findet ihr eine riesige Auswahl an Hochzeitskleidern, Cocktailkleidern, Ball- und Abendkleidern. Alle Kleider gibt es in einer Vielzahl von Farben. Außerdem sind sie nach Maß handgeschneidert.

Sexy und elegant mit dem kleinen Schwarzen oder festlich und chic – hier gibt’s die Auswahl

Das legendäre Cocktailkleid verdanken wir Coco Chanel, die das Kleid 1920 berühmt machte. 1926 hatte es dann sogar seinen ersten Auftritt in der Vogue. Zum regelrechten Trend wurde es dann aber erst in den 50er Jahren.

Da ich es klassisch mag, wenn es am Abend zur Cocktail-Party geht (ich gebe zu, ich bin ein ewiger Fan vom kleinen Schwarzen, das Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s getragen hat), hat mir vor allem dieses Kleid besonders gefallen.


Aber ich muss zugeben, auch bei den Abendkleidern bin ich ins Schwärmen gekommen. Verliebt habe ich mich in diesen Traum aus Chiffon mit Carmen-Ausschnitt. Wer würde sich da nicht wie eine griechische Göttin fühlen?! In dieser Kategorie ist mir die Auswahl von einem Kleid definitiv am schwersten gefallen, denn die Kleider waren alle himmlisch.


Tüll war in der letzten Saison ein absoluter Renner und auch jetzt verliebe ich mich jedes Mal aufs Neue, wenn ich ein Tüll-versetztes Kleid oder einen Rock sehe. Dieses Kleid verkörpert für mich die Leichtigkeit und Anmut einer Ballerina.


Ich erinnere mich noch genau, wie ich auf der Suche war nach dem passenden Abschlusskleid für meinen Abi-Ball war. Wie verrückt bin ich in der Stadt umhergelaufen und habe nach dem perfekten Kleid gesucht. Ihr merkt, mein Abi-Ball ist schon eine Weile her, denn damals war die Auswahl an schönen und preisgünstigen Kleidern im Internet noch nicht so groß. Hier habe ich schnell meinen Favoriten gefunden, ein knielanges Kleid mit schrägem Ausschnitt.


(This is a sponsored article)


Welcome to that ’70s Show

Getting out of the comfort zone can be scary

Inspired bei Coach’s Spring 2015 fashion show in New York I wanted to try out something different, get out of my comfort zone a little, just not too much ;)

Coach’s show was all about the 70s. The influence reappeared in flared jeans and shaggy coats. I was immediately thrown back in the time when I was 14. So the first thing I did was get online and look for jeans. Out came those pretty G-Star flare jeans with some sort of 3D tailoring for a perfect fit. And gosh they did fit well! Also I found this beautiful off-the-shoulder blouse at Pull and Bear with which I fell immediately in love. How do you like my fashion experiment?

Jeans: G-Star (on sale here), top: Pull and Bear