shorts in winter

thefashionplaybookI have always been a shorts-girl rather than a skirts-girl. I just find them so much more practical and comfortable. These shorts are especially comfy as the fabric is so soft and thick. Perfect for winter. Because let’s be honest: Who would wear shorts in winter if there were no possibilities of staying warm in them?! I certainly didn’t get cold :) Paired with my knee-high boots and a long coat to cover most of the bare legs (I also wore tights, I’m not crazy ;) there was really no way I could feel cold especially since this winter is pretty mild in Amsterdam (another reason why I love this city so much!).

I hope you like this outfit as much as I do and I can give you an inspiration of how you can wear your shorts in winter! Wish you a wonderful day!





Boots: Asos (similar ones here), coat: Mango, top and necklace: H&M, shorts: 2nd day (also totally adore these)

Up to new things

Hello everybody,

hope you are all doing well!

Maybe you have realized a few changes on my blog these couple of days. Somehow I had a feeling of standstill with my blog and I wasn’t really satisfied with it. So I took a deeper look at what WordPress had to offer, watched a few tutorials and started to work on it. However, those are not the last changes my blog had to undergo. Continue reading