Shopping with the boyfriend

IMG_3600Shopping with the boyfriend – that can either be super annoying, exhausting and almost impossible or super duper awesome. Luckily, for me it’s the later.

My boyfriend has an awesome sense of style. Not only concerning his own style, but also mine. He knows me very well, he knows what I like and he also seems to have an instinct for what might suit me and what might rather not. Thus, I even prefer going shopping with him then with my girlfriends.

On the other hand, he is very gridlocked when it comes to my style. He likes to see me in certain clothes and he likes a certain style on me. Not always do we have the same opinion when it comes to shoes, skirts or jackets. He likes to see me in a cool and edgy style, I see myself more in elegant and feminine clothes. Most of the time however, he opens my eyes for certain pieces I would have never chosen myself and in the end I most likely end up going to the cashier with them.

What’s important though is to not let yourself be persuaded to wear certain pieces. Don’t let yourself be dictated what to wear by certain people, by certain trends or by magazines or the TV. Don’t dress to impress, unless it’s you that you want to impress. Just be yourself, find out who you are and what you like and don’t be shy to try out new things just because others might not like it. I still have to learn that lesson myself but a fault confessed is half redressed, right? 😉

What about you? Do you like shopping with your boyfriend or do you prefer shopping with your bf?

Today I am wearing a dress by Free People (similar here & here), which is honestly so cosy and warm, overknee boots from Aldo (similar here & here) and a belt from Asos






A perfect world

IMG_3573In a perfect world we would all be able to wear whatever we want to and wherever we want to without people judging. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I don’t believe in a perfect world.

Fashion is not only a way of expressing yourself. It is so much more powerful. It has the power to include people into a group and at the same time exclude others. A certain outfit can empower you to accomplish things that you would have never dreamed of. That certain colorful jacket can lift your mood in an instance and that shirt can boost your self-confidence in just a second.

Still I wouldn’t dare going on the street in that outfit and in fact I didn’t (that’s why I took the pictures in my apartment). I would be too much afraid of all the looks from other people. Would they think it’s too revealing, too short or too sexy? Why don’t we all just dress as we like it? Because we’re all scared of judgement.

While I don’t think that anybody is free of that fear, I do think that some are braver than others. I think that there are a lot of people who go out dressing just as they like it. Still we do rather want applause for our outfits than contempt, thus we go out wearing that certain it-bag and running after trends.

I think that everybody is afraid of judgement, some more than others. I certainly am, I’m not gonna lie about it.

What do you think? Do you care about what others think of you or are you one of the brave ones who doesn’t give a damn on what others think? Would you go out like that and am I just being paranoid? 😉 I am really interested in your opinion!

In this post I am wearing a dress from The Kooples, a turtleneck from H&M and boots from Aldo (similar here & here)





Running errands

IMG_3542It’s just another usual saturday and as on every saturday I got up early, did the usual apartment clean-up and my weekly errands.

The next grocery store is just 10 minutes away and I guess nobody would care if I just stayed in my pajama pants and my blotted shirt. But do you know this feeling of motivation that comes when you put on nice clothes and a little bit of make-up? You feel transformed and suddenly powerful and full of energy. A lazy saturday afternoon on the sofa becomes a super productive day. There is no more procrastinating. I can do it!

While I am not someone running errands whilst being super dressed up, I still like to feel pretty and not like someone who should hide in the apartment under a blanket. I need a routine. If I don’t get dressed on a saturday, I’ll probably stay in all day. What’s your tactic to get up and make your day as productive as possible?

Concerning my outfit: I am wearing jeans and shirt from Circle of Trust, an awesome dutch label I just recently discovered, jacket from New Look (on sale here) and boots from H&M.





The 70s love

long-cardigan-and-flared-jeansI have always been a huge fan of flared jeans. I remember, when I was around 11 years old my grandma used to take my skinny jeans and stitched them up so that they would be flared. My mom didn’t want to buy new jeans until I grew out of my old ones so we had to be creative. Seeing those pants on pictures these days, I must admit that they weren’t really flattering. I was very small and the flare was huge which made me look even smaller. Still I loved them and I still do. I have always been confident that one fine day flared jeans will have a comeback. And that is now.

It’s not only the flared jeans that I really love about the 70s trend. I love the overknee boots, the suede and those off shoulder looks. I love the huge hats and the A-line skirts. I’m obsessed with these pieces right now and so happy that such a fun fashion era has returned.

Here I am wearing flared jeans from New Look (similar), boots from Tamaris (similar), scarf from Bijou Brigitte, an old cardigan (similar) which is perfect for layering.







IMG_3479The thing with new years resolutions is, you may be changing your habits for a week or maybe two. Most of the time however, they’re not gonna change longterm. This year I tried to only write down resolutions of which I felt that they would make me feel better, happier or more satisfied with myself.

Making resolutions stick is a challenge. But did you know that you can actually practice that? Willpower is like a muscle and the more you practice the easier it gets. Don’t expect old habits to die just so quickly. Hang in there, if it doesn’t work out the first time, don’t give up just yet but give it another try. It will get easier.

One of my resolutions was to get up earlier. For me earlier means around 6.30 am. I need a certain routine in my sleeping habit as I get a migraine all too often from going to bed and getting up at different  times every day. That means I actually have a good motivation.

The last days I failed massively in my resolution. But today I’m full of energy. I made it, I got up at 6.30 am and already took the pictures of my outfit today :)

What are your resolutions? Do you stick to them and what are your tactics to keep them alive?

Concerning my outfit: I am wearing pants from H&M (very similar here & here), top from H&M (similar), a jacket designed by myself (but similar here & here) and shoes of which I forgot where I got them (but similar here).






A very important day

IMG_3451Hello my dears, today was a very important day for me. Why? Because I handed in my master thesis. That means: no more university!

I must admit, I was a little sad. I always liked to go to classes and learn new things. Most importantly however, it meant I didn’t have to go to work a full day and a full week 😉

Some of you might know that I have a Bachelors degree in Sociology and now finished my Master in communication sciences. However, now that I’ve already been working almost a year in the PR business, I started to wonder if it was the best way to do a Masters degree or if I should have started to work sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I think a Master is valuable and I certainly learned a lot but in the end I must say it didn’t really prepare me for the job that I have now. Of course I could use some of the theories I learned about but in the end that’s all they are: theories. They need practice to work. And no body ever asked me about my degree. And it certainly didn’t help me to get a better salary. But I guess that’s due to the business I’m in.

In the end I have to say, that I don’t know if my Master was really necessary. But I was able to learn a lot during those two years, on a professional as well as on a personal level. And I am really not sure if I had been ready to work after my Bachelor. By then I couldn’t even answer the question what I wanted to do properly. So while my studies didn’t really help me for my profession now, it certainly helped me to develop my skills and to grow on a personal level.

What about you? What do you do and do you think a degree is necessary for a successful career?

Concerning my outfit: I am wearing a dress from H&M (similar), a jacket from Ontour (similar), a denim jacket from Zara (similar) and old boots (similar).






Berlin Fashion Week Recap

IMG_3421As you guys might know, it was Fashion Week in Berlin last week. I took part in several events. For me the fashion week marathon began on monday with a conference organized by Zeitmagazin (a well known german magazine) in collaboration with Vogue Germany. The title was „Fashion Reloaded“ and it concerned questions such as „How to be creative in a world where everything has already been there?“. For me that’s a very fascinating topic because also I as a blogger try to go with the trends but at the same time I don’t want to look like 300 other bloggers.


To answer this question, the magazine invited guests from the fashion industry. Rather than a speech, those presentations were built up as little talks and no one less than Germany’s first lady of fashion, Vogue chief editor Christiane Arp, was the one to interview some of the invited guests. That also gave me a fascinating insight into the world of Vogue because you could really imagine her at work, interviewing someone for the magazine.

Three out of the eight talks have impressed me very much. The first was the designer Dorothee Schumacher, interviewed by Christiane Arp. I took a picture of her even before I knew who she was because she looked absolutely stunning. Her outfit was timeless rather than on trend and that really fit her personality so well. She is a business lady but with both feet on the ground. She loves nature and doesn’t think that glamour and a love for nature are mutually exclusive and the best thing for her would be if her brand could stay in the family.

IMG_3424Dorothee Schumacher

The next one was Justin O’Shea, Buying Director at He was such a hilarious dude. Coming from the middle of nowhere in Australia he wasn’t familiar to the world of fashion at all. He didn’t even buy his own clothes but let his mom do the shopping for him. After high school he didn’t really know what to do with his life and so he started to work in a shop for sports ware. When he applied for the job at, which is a marketplace for luxury fashion, he was dressed totally wrong. Thinking back he said people might have thought of him as a bank robber with his black pants and black muscle shirt. Still he got the job and eventually met his fashion idol, who always dressed in suits. That was the day he decided he wanted to look like him. It’s a pity I didn’t get a picture of him because boy did he look good. His style nowadays is really remarkable: elegant suit paired to a whole lot of tattoos, a really long beard and very short hair. He definitely stands out from the crowd.

The last talk was between Christiane Arp and Stefano Pilati, chief designer at Ermenegildo Zegna. This italian guy is exactly how you would picture a designer from Milan. He had a very feminine touch to himself, wearing a Chanel jacket which was rather made for women. But he didn’t care because he likes to play with fashion and said that he never failed in his taste. Teaching taste is his mission. The way he sees it you can teach taste to everybody, but you cannot teach style. You are born with it or not. He also had a very clear attitude towards Instagram, the world of blogging and all the newborn trends. In his opinion, fashion is losing its fascination because there are too many trends. According to him, fashion is saturated. Talking about that he precisely concerned the question of the day: How can we create something new when every trend has already been there?

IMG_3432Stefano Pilati and Christiane Arp

At the end, this question hasn’t really been answered of course. However, it gave fascinating insights into some of the very big fashion players minds. One solution however has been offered: Don’t stop dreaming! Because fashion is a material where dreams are woven inside.

IMG_1398The presenters

Singer Medina as a special guest

Vietnam Travel Diary Part 3

Hi guys, so the third part of my Vietnam travel diary is actually gonna be the last part. After it had been raining in Hoi An for days, we left this cute little village very abruptly and flew to Ho Chi Minh. Hotels there are rather expensive, thus we decided to go for a hostel this time. We found a really nice and most important clean one which was called New Saigon Hostel. We spent the night in a six bed dorm which had a private bathroom. It cost around 6 Euro per person per night and had breakfast included. The hostel was right in the backpacker district, thus we had bars, cafés and restaurants right in front of the door.

Ben Tanh Market

The next day our first stop was the Ben Tanh Market. We took a taxi to get there because it is almost impossible to walk in Ho Chi Minh City let alone take the motorbike. People simply drive everywhere and the smog is even worse than in Hanoi. Sometimes I was just praying for a short moment of silence which of course never happened.
Ben Tanh market is really interesting to see. You’ll get everything there from food to clothes, shoes, bags, dvds,… And of course as you would expect almost everything is fake. However, I preferred the night market. It was way cheaper and people were not as importunate as at Ben Tanh market.

Ho Chi Minh city www.thefashionplaybook.deHo Chi Minh City is huge and as I said before, the smog situation is horrible. Compared to Hanoi it looks definitely more western. You can even find a Pizza Hut here. However, if you ask me, that’s also a reason why this city is not as charming as Hanoi. The houses look deteriorated with the exception of some really big, western office-like buildings.



The Vietnam War Remnants Museum

A must-see when in Ho Chi Minh City is the Vietnam War Remnants museum which only costs around a dollar. Only few museums convey the brutality of the war, the losses and the effects as concrete as the Vietnam War Remnants museum. On four floors you will learn a lot about the backgrounds of the war, how it all began and how it all ended. Very impressive is also the section about war journalists who died while on the mission to report about the brutality, the fear and the circumstances of this war. The most shocking for me however, was the ground floor devoted to photographs of the victims from the use of chemical weapons. I saw pictures of such horrible mutilations, not in my wildest dreams I would have thought that people suffering from such deformation could even live. And of course you can still see the effects of the use of chemical weapons. We saw a boy who was maybe 16 years and he didn’t have eyeballs. Still he was playing the keyboard in the museum. That’s so impressive. In the end however, I couldn’t take all this pain and fear in the pictures anymore and had to leave.

Leaving for Mui Ne

From Ho Chi Minh we took the train to Mui Ne, which took us around five hours and cost 3 Dollars. We wanted to spend our last days of holidays at the beach which was the best decision ever. Mui Ne is also very popular among russian people, therefore you will much rather get a menu in vietnamese and russian than in english.

Mui Ne Beach

Hotels are quite expensive in Mui Ne, as you would expect for such a popular tourist area. We ended up in the Mui Ne hills hotel which consists of three different “classes”: budget, bliss and villa. Even if you went for budget you can still use all the other facilities, it only differs in the rooms. We chose the budget version and payed around 23 dollars per night which was really ok. The room itself was nice enough though the bathroom wasn’t really pleasing. It was very sterile and didn’t have a window or a an aeration. This became noticeable quite soon and the smell in the room wasn’t bearable anymore at the end of the day. The management however was really helpful and they gave us an upgrade to the bliss hotel which had a perfect room. Also the pool area was really nice and not too crowded. The hotel was a 10 minutes walk away from the beach, passing some really, really good street food places which were very cheap though the food was so delicious!


At the beach we were facing some troubles though. Every hotel has a beach area for their guests and since it’s hotel next to hotel there is almost no place left for tourists coming from hotels that don’t have a beach entrance unless you are willing to lay down in the burning sun and in the middle of the beach. Unfortunately you can’t just take a sun bed from any hotel or sneak in somehow either because there are security men everywhere. We tried to talk to them and negotiate a price for two sun beds. They all wanted 10 Dollar per day and per sun bed which adds up to 20 Dollar only for a sun bed. If you add that up to the price you pay for the hotel, you can just take a more expensive hotel with beach entrance, it will end up the same.



Kitesurfing in Mui Ne

For those who are into water sport Mui Ne is the place to be. It is very popular for kitesurfing so the place is packed with surfers. However, lessons are not cheap. A 5 hours beginner course costs around 250 Dollars. Still it looks so cool and like so much fun when surfers take their waves.
Another great thing in Mui Ne is getting a massage. They offer every kind of massage, from a classic neck and shoulder massage to hot stone, detox or mud massages. And boy are they cheap. For one hour you pay around 7 dollars. I definitely should have taken more massages!

Kitsurfing in Mui Ne

Of course we also rented a motorbike again to drive to the red and the white sand dunes. After around 45 minutes we reached the red sand dune which really looked amazing. However, we heard that the white one was supposed to be even more impressive so we also wanted to see that. However, we never made it because on our way we were stopped from a police man. He wanted to see our drivers license which we showed him. We even had an international drivers license with us but still he insisted that we were not allowed to drive the motorbike. I knew for sure that we were allowed and tried to explain it to him, but there was nothing I could do. And honestly, what are you supposed to do when you’re in a different country and you don’t know how the system works. In the end we ended up paying him 25 Dollars which I am sure he took into his own pockets and then we were allowed to drive on. He said he would make sure that we aren’t gonna be stopped again but somehow we didn’t trust him 😉 So we returned to the hotel.



Mui Ne marked the last stop on our trip. I can only highly recommend a trip to Vietnam, it’s such a beautiful country! All in all it was an exhausting trip, but so worth it. The experiences you’ll make, the beauty of the country and the people you’ll meet will make up for that. I for sure had an unforgettable trip and hope I can visit this beautiful country again someday.


Lace details and boyfriend jeans

IMG_3403Hi guys, finally I am posting a new outfit – the first one this year and the first one in a long time. As you might have read here and here I was traveling in Vietnam for three weeks. Afterwards I quite literally had an application marathon and must admit that I felt or maybe I am even still feeling a little burnt out. University has always been easy for me as I like learning new things a lot. It has always been my safe house. Then I did several internships which was ok as I knew it wouldn’t be forever. Because to tell you the truth: It scares the shit out of me to know that I now have to work 40 hours a week for the rest of my life. Do you feel the same about it? And even worse, I am always wondering: Is it the right thing that you’re doing? Do you even like it? Are you good at it? Or is there some other job out there that would fit so much better?
How do you feel about your career?

Anyways, my outfit 😉 I am wearing my new and beloved Levi’s 501 boyfriend jeans (in blue on sale here), a mango coat (similar here, here and here), Tamaris booties (similar here) and my Isabel Marant for H&M top. I have always been a jeans girl, but the boyfriend jeans are new to me. I have sticked to my skinnies for a very long time and still consider them my favorites. But it doesn’t hurt to try something new, right? By the way, isn’t the light just perfect right now? I am totally amazed by the light of the sun during winter 😀

Hallo zusammen, endlich gibt es mal wieder einen Outfit Post – den ersten in diesem Jahr und den ersten seit einer ganz schön langen Zeit. Wie ihr vielleicht hier und hier gelesen habt, bin ich für drei Wochen in Vietnam gereist. Danach habe ich einen echten Bewerbungsmarathon hingelegt, da mein Master fast geschafft ist. Ich muss zugeben, dass ich mich fast ein bisschen burnt out gefühlt habe oder es vielleicht sogar noch immer fühle. Die Uni war immer recht einfach für mich, denn ich mag es super gerne Dinge zu lernen. In de letzten Semestern habe ich einige Praktika gemacht, die  echt ok für mich waren, denn ich wusste, dass sie nicht für immer waren, eine Ende war stets in Sicht. Um die Wahrheit zu sagen: Es macht mir verdammt Angst, wenn ich daran denke, dass ich nun 40 Stunden die Woche arbeiten muss für den Rest meines Lebens. Kennt ihr das Gefühl? Und noch schlimmer, ich frage mich immer: ist es auch wirklich das Richtige, das du tust? Magst du überhaupt, was du tust? Bist du gut darin? Oder gibt es irgendwo da draußen einen Job, der so viel besser zu dir passen würde?
Wie fühlt ihr euch in eurer Karriere?

Nun aber zu meinem Outfit 😉 Ich trage meine neue und heiß geliebte Levi’s 501 boyfriend jeans (im Sale in blau hier), einen Mango Mantel (ähnlicher Mantel hier, hier und hier), Tamaris booties (similar here) und mein Isabel Marant for H&M top. Ich war schon immer ein Liebhaber von Jeans, die boyfriend jeans sind allerdings eher neu für mich. Ich mag Skinnies schon wirklich sehr gerne. Aber es schadet nichts, mal was Neues auszuprobieren, oder? Und ganz nebenbei: Ist das Licht in den Fotos nicht einfach toll?! Ich liebe das Licht der Sonne im Winter 😀





Vietnam Travel Diary Part two

Finally, with a lot of delay, I want to tell you more about my experiences in Vietnam. After we returned from Ninh Binh to Hanoi we headed to Danang  by plane. We only stayed there one night and didn’t really get deeper into visiting the region more though it had a lovely beach and really cute cafés. However, our destination was Hue, Vietnam’s old capital. So the next day we took the train which again cost around 3 $ per person. The ride took as about 2,5 hours. While driving, we passed abandoned beaches and big rocks. It was really fascinating.


After we arrived at our hotel all we wanted was dinner. For the first time we experienced real vietnamese food, not the one that you would sell to tourists as vietnamese food, but really typical dishes. One dish we tried is called Banh Beo. We have never before seen anything like it and of course didn’t have a clue of how to eat it. It looked like some slimy mass with a cracker on top. The cracker turned out to be pieces of shrimp and the slimy mass was overcooked rice which you would eat with fish sauce. And though it looked really weird it almost tasted good 😉 Another thing we tried was Banh Xeo (rice pancakes). They were so good! Not in the slightest to be compared to western pancakes.
With full stomaches we continued to look for a bar, which wasn’t hard to find because there are so many and really great ones!


The next day we rented a motorbike and drove to the imperial city. The entrance fee was quite high (25$ for the citadel and two tombstones of old emperors) but absolutely worth it. It was such a gigantic piece of culture.
The imperial city used to be the walled fortress and palace of the Nguyen dynasty, who presented the emperors between 1802 and 1945. However, during the Vietnam War the citadel suffered from severe damages. Today, the imperial city is being rebuilt so you get to see huge pagodas, pavilions, traditional gates and impressive walls. But of course reconstruction is still in process so there is a lot left to your imagination which I personally really enjoyed. Afterwards we drove off to see the two graves of the emperors (Khai Dinh and Minh Mang). It was a pretty long drive but when we arrived we got to see real vietnamese glory. The graves were adorned so beautifully in so many different colors and with such an eye for details, it was really impressive.





The next morning we decided to go to Hoi An by motorbike. Luckily, everything seems to be possible in Vietnam because we decided very last minute to go on our own and of course we had our huge backpack. But the hotel staff was really helpful and they brought it to Hoi An for us for only 2$ and the motorbike was only 25$ for a one way tour. Usually you need around 3 hours by bus for 140 km to Hoi An but of course we needed some more time. Also because we really enjoyed the look we had on the ocean, it was fantastic! My back however hurt like crazy and also driving the bike in the ‘real world’ and not in some lonely village is a totally different pair of shoes. Sometimes I was really scared! Additionally, I forgot to put on sunscreen on my legs which at the end of the day were really burnt.



In the evening we arrived in Hoi An. Hoi An is the tailor city in Vietnam. If you want something tailored, this is the place to be. Of course I also had something in mind. I got two coats and a pair of culottes and I am totally happy about the result! If you don’t want anything tailored and just go shopping that’s also great, Hoi An has so many lovely shops. In the evening we went down the river and I was absolutely stunned by the view I was offered: there were chinese lanterns everywhere and candles flowing on the river. It was such a pretty picture. There was also a cute little market where you could by the prettiest accessorize.
I also have to tell you about our hotel. It was called Tra Que Riverside and it has only opened a few month ago. The rooms look stunning! There is a big balcony with palm trees in front of it and a very stylish coffee corner but the real highlight was the bathroom! There was a rainforest shower and a freestanding bath just in front of the huge window! Everything was out of real stone, even the sinks. I must admit I have never been in such a fancy hotel. It also had a really nice pool although I didn’t have to use it that often because the beach was really close and I always prefer the beach!







The next day, though it was raining like crazy, we rented a motorbike again and drove to the My Son Sanctuary. The rain didn’t exactly make it easier for us to reach our final destination and it took as around two hours to finally get to the sanctuary, including a scary passing the river in a small boat experience. But in the end we made it and I am so happy about it because My Son Sanctuary was probably one of my highlights during our trip. The sanctuary dates back to the 4th until the 13th century, constructed by the kings of Champa, owning its spiritual origins to the Hinduism. There used to be 71 temples, however, a lot of its architecture was destroyed during the Vietnam War. Today there are only 8 temples and you can only guess how enormous the political and religious capital of the Champa Kingdom must have been.