My Style

It’s pretty hard to put my style in one category;

However, this would be my go to uniform

Since I have started my blog I am confronted with fashion nearly every day. Every morning I start my day by checking out my favorite blogs (e.g. stylescrapbook, seamsforadesire or lookdepernille). These women are totally different yet each of them has her own personal style.

Being confronted with trends that influence ones style so much nearly every day, trying to incorporate them in the outfit whilst staying true to ones style has made it a little difficult for me to figure out my own personal style. However, a look into my wardrobe makes my style pretty obvious. Far off any trends my style is pretty simply: give me a white tee, some skinnies and a leather jacket and I am totally happy. What would you say is your style and why do you think is it so difficult to put ones own style into a category?

jeans: mango, boots: Tamaris, shirt: Zara, sunnies: ray Ban, leather jacket: Oakwood (on sale here)

blue day

denim jacket and blue skirt

make a good couple

I have always loved denim jackets and I can never have enough of them. They come in different shapes, different washing and different shade. No wonder I fall in love with a new denim jacket every summer.

When it comes to denim first thing that comes to my mind is Levi’s. Levi’s jeans, Levi’s jackets or Levi’s shirts – I just love them all. The jeans always fits perfectly, the shirts and jacket are always on trend. Just as this beautiful blue denim jacket. Paired with a blue breezy skirt the jacket looks awesome with a beige shirt and beige boots, don’t you think?

skirt: old, denim jacket: Levi’s (similar here), boots: old (similar here and here)

From old to new

Creating new outfits

from old items

Maybe you remember me wearing those (fake) leather shorts from Zara or this Isabel Marant for H&M blouse?! When I got this blouse I was totally obsessed with it and I would wear it a lot. But after a while, as with a lot of my clothes, the blouse just disappeared in some dark corner of my wardrobe. I nearly forgot that it existed. Then I cleaned out my wardrobe (damn, this is hard! Is it for you just as difficult as for me to get rid of some clothes??!) and found it again. Just like the first time when I saw it I fell in love with it again and with the also nearly forgotten shorts from Zara I created a new outfit out of old items. I hope you like it!

shorts: Zara (old), blouse: Isabel Marant for H&M, sandals: Mango, necklace: Bijou Brigitte

A splash of color

If one had told me half a year ago that I would wear sneakers again,

let alone pink ones, I would have called him crazy

I’m sure you might have noticed by now that I’m not the biggest fan of colors. I really appreciate a nice and colorful outfit – just not on me. The same goes for sneakers. Maybe you know this phenomenon: You see something on a girl and it looks really good but when you try it, it just doesn’t work. That’s how I felt with sneakers. I would have really almost finished my search for a nice pair of sneakers if I hadn’t seen those nikes on zalando. There they were – blue grayish with pink! So not my style. But somehow they got something on them and I still haven’t figured out what it is but I thought I’d give them a try and just order them thinking that I would surely send them back. Little did I know that I would totally fall for those so-not-my-style sneakers. And guess what: They are sooo comfortable, too! :)

sneakers: nike via zalando, shorts: asos, shirt and necklace: Zara

It’s that dress

Do you remember this gorgeous dress?

Yes, it’s that dress! It’s the dress I showed you before when I couldn’t decide if I should buy it or not. Well,  fate gave me a wink when this pretty lingerie dress was put on sale! I just couldn’t resist and ordered it online.

Here I paired it with my H&M denim jacket and my also new (don’t you just love sale?!) sandals by mango. My bag, which I just love since it has the most perfect size, is a total match with the dresses color.

I hope you like this look!

dress: Zara, sandals & bag: Mango, denim jacket: H&M

It’s in the simple things

Sometimes the most simple things are the ones you appreciate the most

By now you might have noticed that I absolutely love basic pieces. They are so versatile and make for a clean and effortless look.

As every girl I also like to dress up a lot but when it comes down my look hasn’t changed that much in the last years. I’ve always been a lover of black; simple cuts and straight silhouettes.

To add a little something to a very basic look I tend to opt for jackets or vests. So as you might have guessed this look represents my style very well. I found this white top on sale at Zara and fell in love with it. It has the perfect shape and neckline and I love the loose fit of it. Also I’m a sucker for jeans and there is nothing I love more about summer than being able to finally wear denim shorts again. To make this look a little more less basic I added this pretty jacquard vest by Mango. I don’t usually go for pink clothes but I loved the pattern here so I just went for it. What do you say?

top: Zara, vest, rings and sandals: Mango

Prague Take II

I already told you about the fabulous hotel we stayed in while we were visiting Prague. I must say I’ve really fallen in love with the city all together. It’s just such a cute place. Everywhere you look you see you’d see different house and cute turrets.

What’s striking is that it’s quite hard to find some more alternative places. The city is quite traditional and you cannot only see that in its architecture but also in the places you wanna eat something, in cafés and in most hotels. However, we tracked down some cool places just like the John Lennon Wall you see below. The background of this wall is very interesting. Teenagers wrote down their discontent with the communist regime. Today the wall stands for the ideals of love, peace and freedom.

Also we found this amazing café which is plainly called cafécafé. The brick walls and the minimalistic interior made it to a really special place.

I totally love traveling and getting to know those fascinating places and learn about a countries history. It just broadens the horizon and I always feel that it forms me as a person so much. It just makes me so more open-minded and I can’t wait for my next trip!

top: H&M, shorts: H&M, sandals: Guess

Fusion Hotel Prague

Traditional city with a  modern twist

Hey guys, sorry for the radio silence. The last days have been crazy. My schedule was and still is packed with university stuff.

However, I had two days off last week and I had to use them as good as I could. So me and my boyfriend went to Prague just for one night. This city is so beautiful and full of charm. It has such a unique character – nothing looks the same, no house, church or official building. In my eyes the city even has something mediterran but I guess that’s just me who thinks that as my boyfriend totally disagreed.

The best thing about this trip however was our fabulous hotel – the Fusion Hotel Prague. It’s rather difficult to find some ‘alternative’ place in the city since it is full of tradition. But this hotel really was something different. Entering the hotel everything would be very dark with indirect lighting and huge leather sofas. On our way to our room we would nearly see nothing. But after we opened the door our eyes grew wide. Our room was huge with big windows, a beautiful bed in the center, a desk and seating accommodation. Since all the rooms in the hotel are theme-rooms we also had some kind of old cinema seating in the room. The walls were adorned with pictures of quotes or famous people.

For us this really was a one of a kind stay and we would always come back to see what the other rooms look like.

As for my outfit I am wearing a H&M dress and necklace from my last online shopping trip.

All white

A quite common phenomenon for women: I’ve run out of clothes…

Hey guys! I’m really sorry for the radio silence. But to put it in the words of Rihanna, I’ve been running out of clothes. The only difference is unfortunately I don’t have as many clothes as she has…

However, a couple of days ago the postman got me out of my dilemma by bringing me my long desired H&M package with a lot of new stuff to push my imagination for new outfit creations.

And that’s the outcome: I’m wearing my new white skirt which I totally fell in love with. Not only because I’ve become a huge fan of  white (who hasn’t since it’s The Trend this season?!) but also because it has an amazing fabric, don’t you think? I’ve paired it with a pretty old shirt which I actually tailored myself which makes it kind of special to me. And since the pattern on  it slightly remind me of boho I had to also wear my new necklace by H&M. I hope you guys like it and stay tuned for the rest of my online shopping delusion ;)

skirt and necklace: H&M, shirt: Zara, rings: Mango